PhishBlock - Chrome Extension

Phishing is an attempt by “bad guys” to acquire information from a person by pretending to be a known, trusted entity. These phishers can pretend to be your boss, your bank, the IRS, etc. and will try to acquire your usernames, passwords, credit card information, or other personal data.

You can protect yourself from these phishing attempts by checking several things in the email and stying vigilant. PhishBlock helps by automating some of the checking and alerting you to any irregularities. It:

  • checks the sender’s email address and compares it to all the links in the email to see if they come from the same place (domain checking)
  • adds a red box around any suspicious link data and around attachments
  • adds a reminder to check the sender’s email and any attachments (make sure they are expected)
  • removes all links from the email by default with an option to turn the links back on after you trust the email

Currently the extension only works with Gmail.

Link: Chrome Web Store

Code Available: Github Repository