CuffLinks - Website Generation Package

I generally work with dynamic websites and server side data, but I didn’t need that complexity for this website. I looked at several “standard” blog/static website generators but either the setup instructions didn’t work for me or they were in a different programming language (which requires more setup). Queue the 2001: A Space Odyssey music.

CuffLinks is a static website generation package utilizing Node and Gulp. It’s currently setup to:

  • css - process sass files, minfiy, and then revision the output filename
  • javascript - combine multiple files, uglify (if prod), and then revision the output filename
  • html - handle jade files, minify output, use the css/javascript revision filenames, and generate a sitemap
  • images - compress images
  • deployment - sends distribution folder to an AWS s3 bucket with different file caching options
  • tracking - use one google analytics account for testing and one for production (tracking is off by default)

This project also comes preconfigured with:

Example: This website!

Code Available: Github Repository