Chess Tactics and - Redesign is Predator At The Chessboard: Learn chess tactics taught in plain English; the most complete body of instruction on the subject yet written. is The Chess Quizzer: Improve your chess tactics with free problems and solutions explained in English.

This was a great project. The original site ( was designed years ago for desktop computer screen sizes. The site had a great overall design look and feel as well as a good idea for navigating the book pages. However, the site didn't respond well to smaller screen sizes and the navigation needed to be improved for smaller devices.

I took the site content and arranged it into a screen size responsive framework as well as making the page navigation easier to use with a finger. Several other enhancements were made to accommodate the chess figure and book text when viewing on a mobile device. I also split out the Chess Quizzer into its own package so it could be placed at another url. Things were then polished and tweaked to bring the entire site to present-day.

Please enjoy!

Comparison: Original Mobile
Comparison: New Mobile